Throwback Thursday

Here are some old toys and games I used to love to play with as a kid. I would spend so much time playing with these toys and they made me happy. I hope you got to enjoy these toys as a kid to.


Barbies used to play with a lot, especially because I have two older sisters.

Another toy I used to love was the Flutterbye fairy, even though they used to scare me.

A very popular toy that I used to have was a Furby. I used to have the app with it and it was tons of fun.

Pillow pets were one of my favorites because they were soft and great pillows.


These little robot hamsters were always so fun to me and I thought they were so cool.


I would always spin on these things for so long and I loved them so much.

Polly pockets and littlest pet shop I didn’t play with as much but I still had them loved making up games with them.

I loved playing Hungry Hungry Hippos when I was little cause it was an intense game at the time.

I definitely had one of these flip phones and I had always thought they were real and super cool.

These last few things are just random things that I could just always find around my house and had very much loved at the time.

The last thing I have no idea if anyone else really had these but I had one and I loved the lights and how you could always play music on it.

School Review

This is a review about the school DPMS. The overall building is very nice because it was recently built. Although, there are too many kids here and it is overcrowded. The technology in this school is pretty nice except for the some of the chrome books are very slow and hard to use. The school food would get a rating of 2/10. The school lunches don’t give kids enough food, and the food is gross. The only good food they have are the chips, occasional cookie, and sometimes the food in the line where it changes everyday. Other than that the food is usually cold, tastes like cardboard, and the meat looks very suspicious. The school doesn’t do very many outside activities or sports to be involved in. The main and pretty much only sport they have is the mountain biking team which is very hard to get on. The school could definitely add more activities to help kids have fun. The classrooms of the schools are pretty nice and easy to learn in. Most of the teachers here are very good at their job and teach pretty well. This school doesn’t really do any field trips except for the eight graders. But even then the field trips just go to the high school. Overall, DPMS is a pretty good school the learning is good and basically just a pretty average middle school.

A day in the life

Hi this is a post about my daily life!

  1. I wake up in the morning at about 6:20
  2. The first thing I do in the morning is go to the bathroom and brush my teeth
  3. The next thing I do is my makeup
  4. At around 6:45 I get dressed
  5. Finally, I do my hair at 6:50
  6. Then, I go downstairs, check my phone, and eat breakfast
  7. I leave the house at 7:10 to drive to school
  8. I talk to some friends before school starts then I go to first period
  9. Second period starts at 9:35 and I have an elective class
  10. Third period is always very boring and starts at around 10:40
  11. Fourth period I have another elective class that is very fun
  12. Fifth period I have math so it is usually seems pretty long
  13. After fifth period I go to lunch at 1:00 and I usually get the school food sandwich, with a bag of chips and some sort of fruit.
  14. My last class is sixth period and I have history and it can sometimes be fun
  15. After school ends at 2:30 I go outside and ride the bus home
  16. Once I get home at about 3:00 I get a snack, pretzels, smoothie, whatever food we have, and relax for about 30 minutes
  17. After that I will sometimes go workout or go outside depending if I have a sport going on
  18. At about 5:00 I help cook dinner and eat at around 6:00
  19. After dinner I usually go up to my room and do any homework or clean my room
  20. When I am done with that I will sometimes go downstairs and watch a movie until about 9:00
  21. After that I will go get ready for bed
  22. First I shower, get into pajamas, then I brush my teeth
  23. At about 9:25 I’ll read a book or just lie in bed
  24. Thats the end of my day!

Travel Post!

Hi guys, this is my travel post! Last week I went on a vacation to Kauai, HI. This trip was very fun and I loved it. It was very warm and humid, which was much nicer than cold Utah. I would definitely recommend traveling there! While I was there I learned how to surf, went on hikes, body surfed, relaxed on the beach, and spent time with family. The island is in my opinion much prettier and much more lush than the other Hawaii islands. Although, the beaches were not as good as others I have traveled to. The island has very good hikes and a very pretty river. I went on the river tour and it takes you up the river to a stop to the fern grotto. You go on a short walk up to the cave and you can get great pictures. The ladies sing a very pretty Hawaiian song and then on the way back down the river they sing songs and teach you how to dance. While I was in Hawaii I went during the time when the whales migrate past the island. I was very lucky and got to see some from the distance when I was looking out over a beach cliff. If you go to Hawaii I recommend getting the shave ice and getting a fresh coconut or pineapple. I really enjoyed this trip it was very relaxing and fun. I would totally recommend going there!

How to make a smoothie

Here is my first how to! You will be able to learn how to make one of my favorite smoothies and try it if you would like! You can always add any extra things to the smoothie, do it however you like!

1. First you are going to want to get out a smoothie blender

2. Next you will want to get out your ingredients: Frozen fruit (berries, mango, ect.), Greek yogurt, 1 banana, a jar of grape juice (orange juices also works but doesn’t taste as good), ¬†milk, and spinach if you want.

3. First you pour in the frozen fruit until the blender is about 1/3 way full (you can always add more fruit if the smoothie has too much liquid)

4. You will then want to add the grape juice, about 2 cups (you can add more or less if needed, I don’t ever measure an exact amount)

5. I sometimes add a little milk if I don’t want it to be too tart (just pour a little, about 1/3ish cups)

6. Next you will want to add about 2 big spoonfuls of Greek yogurt

7. After that you can add the banana (split in a few pieces)

8. And if you would like to add spinach use about 1 handful

9. lastly you will blend it together until smooth

10. Enjoy!

My 20 by 20!

Before I turn 20 I want learn how to drive and get a cool car. I wanna learn how to become better at playing tennis and try out for the high school team. When I am older I want to be able to professionally cook so I can make good meals. Before I am 20 I would like to get a pet duck because they are so cute and I used to have one when I was younger and I loved it. Next I would definitely like to get rid of my fear of heights so then I can go skydiving or bungee jumping, to learn more click here. I would like to get a job and start to make a lot of money to learn how to do so click here. I think it would be pretty cool to go shark cage diving, to learn more click here. I want to learn how to ski or snowboard since I do live in Utah, to learn more click here. I think it would be fun to go on an extreme hike that takes all or multiple days and is super hard, to learn more click here. I want to graduate high school with a 4.0 and start college with a scholarship. Before I turn 20 I want to travel to New York and go shopping and see the statue of liberty. I want to go to a concert and have good seats. I want to have a lot or at least a few good friends. I want to be the type of person that is healthy, workouts, and is successful. I want to travel the world and try all the different types of food.  I think it would be cool to learn how to become a photographer. Before I am twenty I want to learn a foreign language. I want to go on a long road trip with out a destination. I think it would be nice to get into the habit of writing or journaling everyday. I definitely would like to practice and fix my handwriting. Lastly I would like to start a successful future and enjoy my life.

Gift guide!

Here is a great gift idea that your 13 year old daughter or friend would love!


One thing that every teenage girl wants are new shoes and she would love Nike, Converse, or any cool shoes like these:

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Another great gift idea is jewelry especially rings:

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Everyone always enjoys gift cards to pick out their own stuff:

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Makeup is always nice and easy for birthday gifts:

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Chocolate or any type of candy always makes everyone happy:Click here to buy

Cute room decor is always a great idea:

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Don’t forget something funny that will make them smile and laugh (make it something that goes with their personality):

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Take her to get her nails done ( no link just go to any nail salon):


Clothes are always needed:

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Lastly, any accessories are always loved:

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Thanks for looking through this list I hoped it helped in your search for gifts!